CMMs are measurement systems for quality departments, to control and record the measurements of parts and to get the best performance out of it. CMM software provides a function for tasks such as cmm part inspecton, measuring routine, probing calibration, data reporting, etc. One needs to be sure that the software addresses companies unique demands. Some factors that need to be factored in while searching for a new CMM inspection software are:


Quality professionals write programming to records and ease of repeatability helps them save time.  Another factor that needs to be considered is the diversity of programming languages. The dimensional measuring interface standards allows the program to use the same standardized language but is accessible to only an experienced user. A CMM inspection software that allows code to be written by itself provide a benefit by decreasing efforts and increasing efficiency.

Alignment Variety

Generally, most CMM software program can handle alignments but cannot accommodate all geometries. Consider opting for user-friendly alignment methods. One feature to look for is the engine to allow alignments based on features of the CAD model. This enables the user to easily and quickly align every part in just a few clicks.


The evaluation checklist must involve dynamic links to allow for real-time features to update when a feature that is linked to is updated. When a data is being altered, the software needs to provide with instant operations and a rerun of the program to recalculate and align.

Device Compatibility

A single software interface that gives standardized behaviour can shorten the learning curve for the operators who are switching between devices. This is beneficial as it lowers the training cost, simplifying the use of human resources, and allowing time for inspection.

Software compatibility

The software should be open to standardized formats which can allow users to transform their old system to a new platform efficiently without the risk of losing the legacy program.


The main goal of having an inspective software is to generate a clean report with the results and data gathered are accurate. A CMM software must support and create inspection reports with a small amount of time. The reporting feature must also include the ability to develop, customize and add and remove data, use template variables to automate data fields.


One of the major concerns for users these days are customisability. An inspection software which allows customisability allows functionality. An operator can easily customize the appearance and the function according to user comfort.

Technical Support

It is important that the level of technical support is one of the factors in selecting CMM software. Technical support minimizes the machine downtime, allows CMM software package to offer online resource and help, can be personalized. A live technical team offers assistance and makes sure that the problem is solved quickly.