It is with special pleasure that I finally managed to get what is for me a primacy in the absolute sense, my first image of 2010, my first image of Mars and finally the first light of my new instrument!
At a distance of 106 days from my last image of all sorts of bad weather and imaginable, finally last January 23 I was able to observe Mars with my new telescope, a Cassegrain 400mm always made with the same Gladius design but suitably dimensioned.

The name I gave him is Gladius XVI (16 in Roman) as this is his “key number” (16 “f / 16) and is based on an optical set from the workshops of Luigi Marcon & Father.
The telescope is also equipped with a f / 4 firefight in the parabolic primary where the new Baader RCC I comedicator allows you to shoot deep, wide format waves. So many times I want to go to the deep …
But here is her First Light, obtained under the minimum conditions of decency between seeing and transparency: